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Târgovişte has 2 parks and one zoo.

Chindia Park was set up 1970, on the meadow of Ialomiţa river, in place of the former Royal Garden.

"Chindia" Park is located in the vicinity of Ialomiţa river and mostly comprises green areas, an artificial lake for recreation, a complex of clay tennis courts and a zoo, with an area of 4 ha, having a various number of animal and bird species.


TÂRGOVIŞTE ZOO is located on the North side of the largest park in the municipality, Chindia Park , in the close vicinity of the Royal Court Museum Complex and Chindia Tower.

The Târgovişte Zoo stretched on a 4 ha area, being located in a very special natural setting, where a very special and varied vegetation is abundant and the visitors, with a clean and peaceful soul, with no preconceptions, feel the joy of a complete relaxation in an oasis full of nature and history.

The Târgovişte Zoo has in its collection species of animals and birds from all continents Europe, Asia , Australia, North America, South America, Africa. Some of these species, being near extinction, are included in special protection and conservation programmes.


Târgovişte Zoo Schedule

* Monday - closed

* April 1st – September 30th - 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

* October 1st – March 31st - 09:00 am - 4:00 pm


- Fee for filming, photography with non – professional cameras - 20 RON

- Fee for filming, photography with professional cameras - 1000 RON

- Fee for a pony ride in manège – children of 3-10 years - 5 RON/10 min

- Fee for a ride in the coach pulled by ponies in Chindia Park for 2 persons - 10 RON/15 min.

- Fee for a ride in a sled pulled by a horse in Chindia Park - Adults - 5 RON/15 min

- Children - 5 RON/15 min



- Adults - 7 RON

- Children over 3 years of age, pupils, students - 4 RON

- Organised groups (over 10 persons) - 3 RON

- Retired persons - 3 RON

- Persons with minor disabilities - 3 RON

- Monthly pass - adults - 100 RON

- Children - 60 RON

The "Mitropoliei" Park is set up in the centre of the city, with green areas and recreation places, having a smaller area.

Located in the centre of the municipality, Mitropoliei Park is surrounded by the two most important arteries of the city – Libertăţii Boulevard and Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevard (former Prieteniei). One of the most romantic meeting places, the park hosts the bust of Tudor Vladimirescu, leader of the 1821 Uprising and assassinated by Eteria members on May 27th 1821, right on the location of the actual park, in front of the Mitropolitan church.

The most interesting attraction is the Mitropolitan church, one of the biggest and most beautiful churches of the throne citadel. Moved to Târgovişte by Radu cel Mare, upon the request of Patriach Nifon, the church was built following the model of St. Sophia. Demolished in 1889 and replaced with the current one, the new Mitropolitan church was raised following the plans of the French architect Lecompte du Nouy.

Also, here we can find the bust of mother Smara, her full name being Smaranda Gheorghiu (1857-1944), who marked a long presence during the inter-war period in the literature for children and youth, aimed especially towards the educational side of this type of literature.




POLYVALENT HALL - 2 Unirii Street

Contact telephone number : 0245/613191

Polyvalent hall, with a capacity of 2,500 places and designed for local, national and international competitions and a stadium.

The Polyvalent Hall is homologated for basketball, handball, volleyball.



Telephone: 0245 215 099 0245 215 099

Fax: 0245 215 099


The hall of the School Sports club is homologated for basketball, handball, mini-football, volleyball, wrestling and judo hall, a swimming pool is in progress of being setup.



8B Revoluţiei Street, Târgovişte

Tel. 0245-640644 Fax 0245-640646



The sports complex is made of:

  • EUGEN POPESCU STADIUM - 2 Justitiei Street

"Eugen Popescu" Stadium is the main sports arena in Dâmboviţa Couny. It is located in Târgovişte city, at only a few hundred metres of Chindia tower. With a capacity of approximately 12,500 places, it hosts the football games of Chindia Târgovişte team, but also numerous athletic events at county level.

  • SWIMMING POOL - 1 Maior Spirescu Street, Micro III area.

  • telephone: 0731.328.434

The swimming pool has 25 m in length and a 12.50 m height and the depth varies between 1.40 m and 2.00 m, with an approximate volume of 445 m3. The swimming pool is equipped with lockers, rest rooms and showers divided by gender, reception with an annex, medical practice.

The temperature of the water in the pool is according to the standards, with values between 28 and 30 degrees and its quality is verified daily, complying with the norms in force.


Monday – Sunday: 10.00 am – 9.30 pm

Swimming Pool Fees:

- adults: 10 RON / day

- children under the age of 14: 5 RON /day

- pupils, students or groups of minimum 10 persons: 7 RON/ day / person


- 200 RON/ month – for a 1 month pass

- 175 RON/ month - for a 3 months pass ( total 525 RON/3 months)

- 150 RON/ month - for a 6 months pass ( total 900 RON/6 months).

Swimming Pool telephone: 0731.328.434

Field tennis courts – Chindia

Gymnasiums assigned to the schools and high schools in the municipality

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