Nightlife Nightlife

      For the tourists visiting Târgovişte, the offer for spending the time is extremely diverse, having to choose between clubs, pubs and restaurants, decorated in a modern or old age style or following a certain theme, which offer a warm, hospitable atmosphere and traditional menus, but also from the international cuisine.

      We shall find tasteful restaurants and bistros also along the Calea Domnească (the Royal Road) – the oldest artery of the city, mentioned since the 17th century, but also to the south, at the intersection with 9 Mai Street, in an old house, which today is a historical monument. Another area with select locals, remarkable by the old age atmosphere and the well preserved architecture of the houses, is the first part of the Carol I Boulevard, but also the part adjacent to Arsenalului Street.

      ​Finally, one of the oldest, known and probably most popular clubs in Târgovişte, an unpretentious local, for persons who love good music (especially rock music), where you can meet part of the artistic and intellectual bohemia of the city and which monthly hosts concerts, drama or improvisation shows, with the participation of the actors from "Tony Bulandra" Theatre, usuals of the place, can be found at only 15 minutes of walking from the city centre, in the vicinity of the roundabout marking the intersection between Carol I and I.C. Brătianu boulevards.

      Either we are talking about the relaxation of a vacation day, a family dinner or with friends or a business lunch, they are all possible in Târgovişte.